Terms & Conditions



1. What is our operating hours?

  • Our office hours are from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Mondays to Fridays) 

2. When is the latest time to place and confirm my order? 

  • We require 2 working days advanced notice for order placement and confirmation upon payment for each order

3. When should I make payment? 

  • First time and trial meal customers have to make payment via credit card or bank transfer before order commence.

  • Payment must be made before the commencement of Contract period. Customer whose Contract is under auto renewal must make payment 3 days prior to the next Contract. 

4. How can I make payment?

  • Credit card- Call in or fill up credit card authorization form.There is a surcharge of 2% per transaction payment by credit card effective on September 2019

5. What is the delivery timing?

  • Lunch Delivery – 0930hrs to 1330hrs

  • Dinner Delivery – 1500hrs to 1900hrs

  • Specific delivery time will not be available

  • Please call 62551000 or sms 91151708 if your delivery is beyond the

    stipulated delivery time.

6. Is the service available every day?

  • Meal delivery service is available on weekdays only, we do not deliver on weekend, Public Holidays, 1 day before Lunar New Year Eve. 

7. Can I postpone my meal?

  • For 20 consecutive day package, postponement is limited to 3 Days only and the Contract will be extended. There will be NO replacement if postponement is beyond 3 days

  • Trial orders must be in consecutive days with no postponement allowed.

  • No cash will be refunded. For 20 days contract, meal will be replaced if

    customer called in to inform 1 working day in advanced before 11am. 

8. Will there be any cash refund if I want to cancel or terminate my contract?

  • No cash will be refunded for early cancellation, termination of contract when service has commenced or after payment for the contract is made. 

9. Do I have to call in to renew my Contract?

  • 20 days Contract will be on auto renewal basis unless customer call inform 2 days before contract period ends to stop the renewal.

  • Trial Contract is NON AUTO RENEWAL. 

10. What if I had forgotten to call to terminate my Contract and it has been auto renewed?

  • Tiffin carrier collection will be chargeable at $3.00 (w/GST $3.21) per trip

  • Food that has left the kitchen or delivered will be chargeable at $7.00 (w/GST $7.49) per serving per day. $10.00 (w/GST $10.70) per serving

    per day for 1 pax contract. 

11. Do I need to wash the Tiffin Carrier?

  • For hygiene purposes. Tiffin carrier must be washed before returning to us.

  • Unwashed Tiffin is chargeable at $3.00 (w/GST $3.21) per Tiffin carrier. 


12. What if I lost or damage the Tiffin Carrier?

  • A PENALTY of $20(w/GST $21.40) will be imposed. 

13. Should I heat up the food before consume?

  • Customers are advised to store the food in the refrigerator upon receiving the food and heat up prior to consuming. Please do not place tiffin over stove or microwave container. 


14.Any charges for condominium?

  • An additional charge of $20.00 ($21.40 w/GST) will be imposed for deliveries to Condominiums.

  • The amount will be waived if you leave the food with the guardhouse/security post.


15. The company reserves the right to refuse or terminate any service as we may deem fit.


16. No changes of address during the 20 days contract.

1 Enterprise Rd, Singapore 629813